And I Am Not Lying

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The Client

Jeff Simmermon is a standup comic and storyteller who produces, performs in, and hosts a monthly scorcher of a variety show called And I Am Not Lying. Each show includes burlesque, standup, storytelling, music, and an unpredictable rotating cast of sideshow acts. On Jeff's stage I've seen wild west rope tricks, a woman eating a light bulb, puppet dentistry... you get the idea.

The Work

The And I Am Not Lying posters were fun collaborations. Most of them started with a visual idea from Jeff, who — in addition to being a fantastic storyteller and a seriously funny comic — is also an artist and a habitual collector and photographer of fun, weird stuff. Most times Jeff would start us out by adding textures and various Photoshop effects to a photo he had taken, before handing it off to me. Then I would adjust colors a bit more, sometimes add a thing or two to create a digital collage, formulate a layout for the text, select fonts, and set the type.

The eclecticism of the posters' visuals and typography speaks to the nature of the And I Am Not Lying variety show, which is a different entertainment casserole every time.

The And I Am Not Lying logo that appears in some of this work was really just a fun exercise in ligature excess for me. But it made for interesting pairings with a few brushy and faux-letterpress fonts that we liked, so we went ahead and used it.