Cool Playlist

A project by Dutchess & the Queen.
• Branding • Logo Design • Art Direction • Illustration • Web Graphics •

The Client

COOL PLAYLIST is an exceptionally fun podcast hosted by comedian & writer Eliza Skinner. In each episode, Eliza and a guest create a music playlist for a specific life event, moment, or occasion. In between songs Eliza and her guests tell stories, crack jokes, give professional insights, and generally make you wish you were hanging out with them. The guests are always fantastic, and the playlist is posted online when each episode is released.

The Work

For the COOL PLAYLIST logo and banner artwork, Eliza and I wanted to give it the look of ballpoint pen doodles in a junior high school notebook. The kind of thing that a teenager might draw on a sheet of paper while making a mixtape for a friend or a person they were crushing on. I asked Eliza to draw some pictures and write some words, and then I drew some more things (including the logo) in a style compatible with what Eliza had done. I put it all together in Procreate, using customized brushes to mimic ballpoint pen and #2 pencil, and did some final touch-ups in Photoshop.