the work

My drawings combine cartoonish objects, lettering, symbols, and repeated geometric shapes to form rhythmic patterns and nonsensical cacophonies.   

I treat my drawing activity as a sort of game. I pull things from my surroundings — music, podcasts, TV shows, overheard conversations — and incorporate them into the drawings; I invent rules as I go along for how the lines should interact; I draw things without forethought and then force myself to react to them; I sometimes even create a narrative behind a drawing while I'm making it, which helps me decide what the lines should do next. 

If you'd like to follow along, I post new drawings semi-regularly on InstagramTumblr, and Facebook.


To commission a drawing, textile design, mural project, tattoo, or whatever — or if you just want to talk nerdy about drawing materials — please contact me via the email address at the bottom of the site.