Dutchess & the Queen

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The Client

Dutchess & the Queen is a creative studio that I co-founded with my long-time art collaborator Nathan Manuel. I serve as D&tQ’s Creative Director and Design Lead, collaborating with other creative specialists on a per-project basis. D&tQ approaches each design engagement as a unique problem-solving opportunity, and a chance to grow our capabilities as designers, artists, and creative thinkers.

The Work

D&tQ naturally imbue our work with humor and humanity, and pride ourselves in being friendly and approachable project partners. Drawing is the heart of our practice, and the drawings we share with one another when working around the edges of an idea often take the form of simple visual jokes. So we decided to base the brand identity for Dutchess & the Queen on that style of simple illustration.

The background patterns for our business cards, promotional button packs, and website are composed of drawings made by both Nathan and myself, unified by a bright and friendly color scheme. Our ‘D&Q’ logo mark uses characters from the typeface Dosis — chosen in part for its unique ampersand, which lent itself to the treatment you see here. The slightly rough-edged look of the type was achieved by setting the text in Dosis, and then hand-tracing it with a digital pencil.