New York Art Teams

A project by Dutchess & the Queen.
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• Art Direction • Logo Design • Typography • T-Shirt Design •

The Work

At Dutchess & the Queen, we've always been more “art guys” than “sports guys”. So we came up with this series of tribute / parody designs featuring famous NYC-based artists' names rendered in the styles of iconic NYC sports teams' logos. 

 The series kicked off with the release of the KEITH HARING x NY KNICKS shirt in Spring 2017, followed by the ANDY WARHOL x NY YANKEES shirt in Summer 2017. The project is ongoing, with new designs rolling out as we finish them.

As lead designer on the project, I spend a lot of time analyzing letterforms; Looking at the characters in an artist's name and in an existing logo and thinking about the transposition of how THIS letter would look in THAT style. And together with my studio partner, Nathan, I'm constantly revisiting the running list of possible artists paired with teams, trying to achieve the right balance of conceptual dynamite and letter count practicality.

Where to Buy

These designs and more are available to buy in the Dutchess & the Queen shop!
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