Branding + Logo Design + Typography + Posters + Web Graphics


Outcalls are a female-fronted “baroque indie-pop” band from Baltimore, led by classically trained singers Melissa Wimbish and Britt Olsen-Ecker. Their voices can tickle your ear hairs one second and shake your teeth the next, and their band arrangements layer acoustic and electronic elements in ways that are both thought-provoking and dance-inducing.


I designed a poster and web graphics for Outcalls’ summer tour, promoting the release of their 2017 LP No King. The visual concept of Britt and Melissa blowing bubblegum bubbles at one another was conceived by the band for the album cover, but for the tour graphics, they wanted to take that concept in a slightly different direction. I pushed the bubble shapes together like a Venn diagram, and designed a vertical “OUTCALLS” wordmark to fit in the overlap space. The bubbles become speech balloons suggesting Britt and Melissa’s two voices working together to form the band’s signature sound.