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The Client

paris_monster is an experimental two-piece band made up of Geoff Kraly (bass, modular synth) and Josh Dion (drums, keyboard synth, vocals), whose music occupies a nebulous space between synth-pop, garage rock, funk, and soul. Their sound, energy, and musicianship blow my mind every time I see them play.

The Work

For paris_monster, I designed a simple grid-based logo and corresponding alphabet, which we then spun out into multiple permutations and applications — website and social media graphics, concert posters, album download cards, t-shirts, buttons, etc.

Much like the band's sound, which maintains a strong rhythm as it weaves in and out of formal song structure, the paris_monster type is built on a strict logical system but phases in and out of legibility. The extreme thick-thin contrast of these letterforms causes a cumulative transformative effect — The more letters and numbers there are grouped together, the more information transforms into texture, requiring a closer look in order to be understood.