Wonderspark Puppets

A project by Dutchess & the Queen.
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The Client

WonderSpark Puppets “specialize in making happy memories with highly interactive personalized shows.” Founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Chad Williams and Lindsey “Z.” Briggs, WonderSpark create fun, whimsical, original and traditional puppet performances and workshops for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions in New York City schools, libraries, hospitals, temples, public parks, and private homes. 

The Work

Chad and Z. were looking to update their logo to something bold, friendly, and timeless.
The W-shaped dragon pictorial mark was informed by a (very WonderSpark) character description from Z.:

“Sparky the Dragon is a small flying dragon that likes to give good children rides through puffy pink clouds on beautiful summer days. He breathes tiny sparks of lightning that can change bad ideas into good ones. He is the size of a moped and has a mischievous streak but always has a super friendly attitude.”

The wordmark portion of the logo uses Le Super Serif SemiBold* as a base, with customized ligatures for the ‘RK’ and ‘RT’ connections. We finished off the combined logo with a slightly roughened edge and shimmering green colorways.

*Le Super Serif SemiBold font by Thijs Janssen / SuperBruut